Ville millénaire

The ``Dolmen De La Pierre De La Fée``

This dolmen, from the thirs millenium B.C, is one of the oldest monument in Draguignan. Only 15 minutes away from the hotel, you can visit it every day for free!

Tour de l'horloge

This monument is the most popular one in Draguignan. Overwatching the city from about 20 meters above, the Tour de l’horloge (litterally “clock tower”) has been built, demolished then rebuilt several times between the 12th and the 17th century.

The American Cemetery

The American cemetery / memorial was built after the second world war, in memory of the ally troops who came to provence in 1944, and who largely contributed to the liberation of Draguignan and the Provence region.

Chapelle St Sauveur

Built between 1350 and 1400 A.C., this historical monument lies in the city center, right next to the “Tour de l’Horloge”. Located only 5mn away from the hotel, we can only recommend to visit this monument typical from the region.

Draguignan, multi millennial city at the gate of “Verdon” Region, is considered by its inhabitants as a big village, facing the mediterranean see.

Ideally located just a few hours away from the first ski slopes, this old city built during the roman empire has successfully preserved the charms of a small provence village while keeping the advantages offered by a bigger city.

The big renovation works from the beginning of the nineteenth century modernized the old city by bringing a railroad tracks as well as building new streets. These renovations however also meant the destruction of a part of the royal walls and construction from the antic times, to make space for  more modern buildings.

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